Handymen & Additional Labour Contractors

Our complete expertise in this area ensures that we offer best-in-class services in the various sectors. Believing in the power of team work, our focus is on the quality of work and we go a far way to extend tailored services as per our client’s specific requirements.

We have on hand varied labourers to suit a wide array of contracting needs. Our workers range from handymen, construction workmen, decorators, and other manpower workers.

Go ahead and speak to one of our in-house associates to see the best fit for contract workers for your particular organization’s needs.

1-876-908-0063, or at 1-876-421-9125

Clients who currently utilize this service:

  • J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. – Provide extra labour on production line, assemble packages eg. Magnum six-packs, gift boxes, etc. Also, to sticker products with new information, assemble cartons for packaging, and packing cartons with bottles.